Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Black Crowes, AC/DC, John Cougar

band members

Justin Garner - vocals/guitar, Jad Green - drums, Stuart Rudd - bass, Bill Rankine guitar/vocals


Black Crowes, AC/DC, Stones


Southpoor are a band that oozes soul soaked southern style rock n roll. With songs in the vein of The Drive By Truckers, The Black Crowes, Mellencamp and The Allman Brothers. In 1996 a rowdy jam takes place above a shop in downtown Adelaide. The bands gear surrounded by vintage cowboy boots and prison issue Levis blue jeans. Jad Green, shop owner and drummer in world touring Rockabilly band The Satellites and Justin Garner guitarist and song writer in Nikka Costa’s Rockin’ band first get together. A few years later the pair are lucky enough to spark interest from Stuart Rudd, bass player for multi ARIA award winning band The SuperJesus, and Bill Rankine, local Guitar icon and also in The Satellites like Jad. Southpoor is formed. Southpoor, now with many powerful live shows and new songs under their belt decide to go into the studio to record their debut full length album through Mixmasters Records. The band without too much prompting enlists the great Nick Barker to produce, and the results are truly refreshing, as the band, under guidance from Mick Wordley and Evan James, recorded the album ‘live’ in the Broadcast studio with precious few overdubs. Everything else was as it happened as the tapes were rolling, real, natural, organic and so rock n roll! Southpoor can't wait to release their first record and show you what they've got