Artist info


Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Catch 22, Streetlight Manifesto, The Bennies

band members

Andre Georges - vocals/horns, James Moretta - bass, Murray Williamson - Guitar, Sam Hadlow - Trombone, Brent Simons - Trumpet, Stuart Williamson Tenor Sax, Kasey Barker - Alto Sax


Streetlight Manifesto, Jeff Rosenstock, Catch 22, The Cat Empire

Unearthed artists we like

Them Sharks, Sneaky Jackal , The Mondays


Since 2013, At The Space Jam have boasted a penchant for live energy, and a musical style which is both varied and unique. The Perth 8-piece claims no allegiance to one genre; instead opting to amalgamate their individual cutlures and interests. The result is a combination of diverse influences thrown in and wrapped up like a big juicy burrito. Elements of ska, reggae and punk with sprinklings of funk, hip-hop, dub and hardcore result in the hyperactive blend of sound and colour. Since their humble beginnings in high school, the At The Space Jam experience has developed immensely. This is mainly due to the inclusion of a 4-piece horn section which has made the band an even more alluring attraction in a live setting. Regardless of whether the room is nearly empty or packed out; At The Space Jam excels in drawing in the crowd and creating a party atmosphere. This has caught the eye of many artists with the band playing alongside both international artists and some of the best homegrown talent Australia has to offer. In recent times, At The Space Jam has shared the stage with the likes of The Bennies (VIC), Off With Their Heads (USA), Hightime (SA), Nerdlinger (NSW), Ebolagoldfish (NSW), Villes (SNG); as well as local legends Tired Lion, The Decline, Chainsaw Hookers & The Love Junkies. In 2016, the band has been hard at work recording and releasing their latest single, ‘Hold On’ - a break-neck serving of brass-ladened punk, which tackles the setbacks and the sometimes seemingly fruitless vine which is the music industry. The music provides the perfect platform for this commentary, being the band's most relentless and hard-hitting songs.