Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Kings of Leon, The strokes, Phantom Planet

band members

Mckenz - Voc/Guitar Dr.Age - Drums/Voc ScottyB - Bass Alberto - Guitar


Arcade Fire, The Velvet Underground, The Clash


SPANISH MARCHES: The band Spanish Marches was fashioned from the similar tastes and idea’s of four young men. Mckenz, Dr.Age, Scotty and Alberto each influence the bands songs to bring uniqueness and creativity that they all observe even before the song is finished. “It often happens”, Mckenz says, “That I’ll bring in a song I’ve written and straight away one of them (the other members) will be playing something exactly like I had in mind. It’s a bizarre creative relationship and it makes things so much easier and more natural.” Being on the same wavelength also comes across on there live shows. The energy the band has sets the mood which is reciprocated by the audience, as if they can tell how much passion the band has for what they are playing and how hard the band is working. And the band is always working hard; whether it is practicing, writing, recording demos or playing shows. Under a different name the band has been up and down the east coast and played with the likes of Red Riders, SubAudible Hum, Dardanelles, Old Man River, The Avenues, The Fumes and Iron On to name a few. Now, after a year’s break of overseas enlightenment, the guys are back with a new name and are ready to start up fresh and focused with new experiences and material.