Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

the Cramps, The Ramones, Hard-ons

band members

Frankie*Bass and Vox, Beerserki*Guitar/Vox, Benno*Guitar/Solos, Leith*Drums


The Saints, The Clash, Red Planet Rocketts

Unearthed artists we like

*ShoehorN*, Them Plasms, DUNHILL BLUES


***News Flash*** Special Patrol Groups new 7" is pressed!!! get in contact if you want one or use our online shop at Includes infamous live favorite "Economical Sense" plus a couple of newies! 7" Vinyl comes with free downloads of the 3 songs plus two bonus tracks. Special Patrol Group play fast and fun rock'n'roll. SPG formed in Lismore in 1997 and are now based in Sydney's innerwest. The band's still the best garage band around. The sound is simple rock'n'roll played by music fans, with catchy songs about lager, girls, the devil and more, thumped out with passion. The rare live shows are like a party with the Ramones, The recordings capture the rawness of The Saints and the blendeding of influences is closer to The Clash. This is not saying Special Patol Group sound like anyone, as they are new and unique just like good rock'n'roll should be!