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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Maraianne Faithfull

band members

Konrad Lenz: vocals, guitar, vodka consumption, Tom Woodward: guitar, piano, backing vocals, James Sex Machine Nichols: electric guitar, seduction, Andrew Dalziell: cello, Gareth Hill: bass, double bass, Elyane De Fontne: viola, 5 string electric violin, Emma Kelly: violin, Yen Nguyen: drums, Munro Melano: piano Note: On the Unearthed recordings the following artists are also included - Issac Liehne: bass on Razor Jayne and Parliamentary Swan Song; Skye Gallagher: Flute on Even God Must Feel the Weight & Mikelangelo: accordian and clarinet on Even God Must Feel the Weight.


Johnny Cash, daniel lanois, Allen Ginsberg


The Spirits of the Dead (formerly Konrad Lenz & the Lenzmen) are a large and raucous rock/blues/folk/roots band. They have been together for three years and are constantly growing and evolving. Their music is an organic mesh of styles. They sound like Rolling Thunder era Bob Dylan crossed with the spitting hiss of a cobra. They performed at the National Folk Festival in 2005, the National Multicultural Fringe Festival and Shcmooze Festival amongst other events and venues. Influences are many and varied and include Robert Johnson, The White Stripes, Allen Ginsberg, Hank Williams, Howling Wolf, Leadbelly, Archie Roach, Bon Scott, Marianne Faithfull, The Damned, Patti Smith, Ishman Bracey, John Cale, Kurt Weill, Cypress Hill, Danzig, PJ Harvey, Lou Reed, Brian Eno, Jack Nitzche and more. They are in the middle of recording an album which will include live and studio recordings.