Artist info


Indie, Punk

Sounds like

The Clash, The Libertines, The Jam

band members

Sean Regan - Vocals, Electric Guitar Paul Bovenkerk - Bass Neel Shkla - Drums


The Stone Roses, The Jam, Buzzcocks


Introducing The Spitfires, Perth’s answer to an age decimated by global financial turmoil and riots throughout the major cities. United at the height of the recession as an outlet to vent their frustration against the state of the world, the result of the band’s one part Liverpool, two parts Perth hybrid concept has been controversial from the start following a stream of raucous and unpredictable live shows, being blacklisted throughout the local industry for declaring Perth music “crap” live on air and receiving legal threats from a major radio station in response to their notorious publicity campaigns. After only 5 months together, the band had already released their debut EP, Firestorm. The raw sounding EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in only two days and received widespread positive reviews. The EP introduced a sound that was as intellectually punk rock as it was steeped in classic British Pop and correspondingly cocky. The follow up Dead? Good! EP garnered national airplay, support slots for the likes of The Cribs & British India, a headlining tour of the UK and industry showcases at the One Movement Festival. With a sound described as “combining a healthy dose of The Jam's jangling energy and anecdotal lyrics with a dollop of The Cure's early punk leanings”(Blunt Magazine, issue 91), The EPs showcased the versatility of the band. With songs like Fox News and Beat the Bankers, the band created political anthems for the current generation contrasted by tracks like Shallow Grave and Skeletons that focus on the darker aspect of their lives, delving into the bands more introspective side. The core of The Spitfires is Sean Regan’s outspoken ethos that a band is only limited by itself and having no excuse for mediocrity. As the reiteration of this uncompromising intent, the drum and bass team of Brad Stevens and Paul Bovenkerk provide the perfect backbone for Regan’s dextrous ideas and melodies alike. The Spitfires’ latest generation of songs further encapsulate the band’s knack for a punchy chorus and clever turn of phrase. The rawness and sardonic wit of their live shows has worked its way into the song writing-process, accompanied by a greater sense of self-awareness and an increasingly dark sense of humour on their debut album. As a collective, The Spitfires’ unusual pedigree places them beautifully in the Australian music scene as both the outside and the local... a perfectly fitting outcome for a band whose musical background is as varied as what they’ve done with it. 'What can be said about The Spitfires? They’re punk, they’re dirty, fast and in your face... If you like your punk hard and grimy, The Spitfires are for you, But to all the So–Cal punksters, don't bother.' 'Musically inspired by everything UK from The Smiths to the Arctic Monkeys, The Spitfires' Dead? Good! is dead good.' Drum Magazine Oct/Nov National Tour Thursday 24th of October - Sydney - The Forresters (TBC) Saturday 26th of October - Perth - Incursion @ Gilkinsons Sunday 27th of October - Sydney - Frankies Pizza (TBC) Thursday 31st of October - Melbourne - The Empress Hotel Friday 1st of November - Melbourne - Secret Show Saturday 2nd of November - Melbourne - The Retreat Hotel