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band members

Tom Jackson, Lionel Koziell, Sam Glazebrook and Alex Borg.

Unearthed artists we like

seasn.two, Aircrafte


Spookyfish are a four-piece outfit based in Melbourne, featuring Tom Jackson on guitar and vocals, Lionel Koziell on bass, Sam Glazebrook on guitar and Alex Borg on drums and samples. Each member had participated in small garage bands throughout high school, gigging at local events but when school was out, all four eventually came together to form Spookyfish in early 2010. Beginning with the four of us in a small 3 bedroom house, each of us had to stand in separate rooms just so we could fit in. Even though no one could quite hear the vocals, and the drums drowned out the sound of the guitar amps, the band still managed to write new and original material, and gain some popularity through demo tracks put onto the internet. With each member having different tastes in music, Spookyfish manages to write songs incorporating many styles and flavours, creating a unique sound of alternative rock.