Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Neil Young, Kurt Vile, Tallest Man on Earth

band members

Marcus Gordon


Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, The Church

Unearthed artists we like

Ray Ray Ray And The Jetsons, Lyall Moloney



"He goes all the way, selling what could’ve been a routine song about love gone wrong with an utterly magnetizing vulnerability"

“One would think his lo-fi offerings are the taut ballads of a hardened, once drug addled journeyman not a kid from the suburbs… A prolific songwriter.”

Spookyland is the cacophonous creation of star-crossed Sydney dweller, Marcus Gordon. The studio debut single, The Silly Fucking Thing explores the frontman’s paranormal ability for story telling, akin to Bob Dylan paired with the volatility of Nick Cave.

Melancholic harmonica bounces off guitar reverb to build tension that is only escalated by the brazen vocals of the 22-year old, producing a track that we dare you not to be moved by. His enigmatic stylings come to life in his poignant live delivery with four-piece band.