Artist info


Indie, Metal, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, MUSE, Intervals, Cat Empire, Owane, John Mayer

band members

Andrew de Souza (Guitar) Chad Penfold (Guitar) Alex Brollo (Drums) Brandon Yarnold (Bass) Mat Woodcock (Trumpet) Edwin Johnson (Keys and Second Trumpet)


Intervals, MUSE, Daft Punk, Polyphia, Mac Ayres, Anomalie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer



Hey everyone, we are SPUZ!

SPUZ are a 6-piece improvisation based fusion act that melds a huge variety of genre's into approachable and catchy instrumental tunes. Led by guitarist Andrew de Souza, the genre-bending group aim to bring audiences an array of fun filled songs that truly showcase what instrumental music can be and what effect it can have on the mainstream music scene. The variety of musical styles which have influenced our own music has resulted in the production of our unique sound. SPUZ creates a suite of sonic extravagance with something for every listener to enjoy, no matter the background or interest.

Stemming from the city of Newcastle, we have a rich background of enjoyment of performing and listening to music but all fell in love with how we feel when using our instruments to tell stories. We purely want to showcase the true nature of instrumental music, and how fun, exciting, and different it can be.