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Indie, Rock


Indie Rock

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band members

Spencer Pfundt, Rastin Godejohann, Jye Crack


Catfish and the bottlemen, Silverchair, Foals, Nirvana

Unearthed artists we like

Slowly Slowly, Lanky Laneway



An Indie Rock band from the North-East of Tassie, state champs of the 2017 high school 'Rock Challenge' (College section). The band has been gigging and writing since 2016.
The Squashed Lizard sound is built around raspy 90s vocals, with the focus often shifting to beefy electric guitar tones and satisfying drum fills, all held together with tight low end and superior synergy between the bass and drums. Influences come from current artists like 'Foals' and 'Catfish and the bottlemen' to classic rock sounds such as 'Nirvana' and 'Silverchair'.
Squashed Lizard love playing music and are always keen to get together and put on a show. The band have built a following around the north of Tassie and are looking for the opportunity to spread their music around the rest of the state and beyond.