Artist info


Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Garbage, Curve

band members

Georgii - vocals, Steve (Squeaky) - drums, Rodge - guitar, O.G. - bass



Squeaker is an alternative rock band having had a presence in the Australian original music scene since 2007. In this time they have played along side many bands regionally and interstate such as Baby Animals, The Superjesus, Dallas Frasca, The BellRays, Def FX, Bellusira, King Of The North, Sydonia, Virtue, Pseudo Echo and many more.
In a similar vein as Curve, Nine Inch Nails, Garbage and Primary, Squeaker boast an energetic live show, hard-hitting guitar driven rhythm section and industrial/synthesised textures. Front woman Georgii's stage presence has been described as "fierce and commanding".
Squeaker was signed to Adelaide's own JL Music Publishing in late 2014, and since February 2015 is represented by LA based management company Cohen Management who saw potential in the band for the American alternative music market. In March 2015 'In Love / In Madness' was released, their first full length album.

Jesus Ain’t My Boyfriend (single, independent, 2007)
Fly Baby Fly (EP, independent, 2011)
Circles (single, independent, 2014)
Mother (single, independent, 2014)
In Love / In Madness (album, independent, 2015)
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