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Rock, Pop

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Georgii - vocals Steve (Squeaky) - drums Rodge - guitar O.G. - bass


Soundgarden, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, King's X, U2


Raunchy guitar work, pristine beats and electronic experimentation – Squeaker throws a bit of everything in the mix to punch out their hooky pop rock tracks. Known for the consistency of their live shows the band are currently touring around Australia at every opportunity and having their music heard all over the world. Discography: Jesus Ain’t My Boyfriend (single, independent, 2007) Fly Baby Fly (EP, independent, 2011) "...high energy, catchy, hook ridden..." “With no slouch tracks, 'Fly, Baby, Fly' promises good things from Squeaker in the future. This EP is well worth a listen.” Alastair Collins, dB Magazine Contact: