Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Paper Kites, The Vaccines, Gang of Youths

band members

Liam Mackay, Cam Wiltshire, Josh Scott, Nathan Goodwin


Coldplay, The Beatles, Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Beach Baby, John Mayer, Lime Cordiale, Vulfpeck

Unearthed artists we like

Sidney Rose, The Fior



St. Emerald are a hot new four-piece band emerging from the eastern hills of Melbourne, Australia. Their unique take on music has landed them early local success with a number of interviews and airplay opportunities.

Their mix of heartfelt, thought-provoking, and occasionally witty lyricism fused with a Beatlesque sound and an infectious enthusiasm; has seen early singles such as Sienna and Way Out pass the 10,000 stream mark at a blistering pace.

“But between the dreams, and the life I lead, my bruised hands to hide my fears, I know. Am I too young to take the risk?” - Am I Too Young, St. Emerald