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Electronic, Indie

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Olivia Gavranich (vocals, lyrics, arrangement)
Ella Wisniewski (sax)


Billie Holiday, King Krule



St. South is the project of Fremantle singer/songwriter, Olivia Gavranich. The name 'St. South' is a nod to her childhood, having been raised in the small country town of Denmark, 5 hours South of Perth. It was here that Olivia received her informal musical education, immersed in the tunes of an eclectic mix of artists: from Elvis Costello to Dianna Ross, Johnny Cash to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone to the Waifs. This broad range of musical influences is reflected in her genre-bending approach to songwriting. Olivia's distinctive vocals weave throughout layers of tightly-produced electronic beats, to create a sound that is at once original and instantly recognizable.

In August 2012, St. South entered the Bon Iver Stems Project, and went on to win her category with her song, 'We Washed Texas'. The track is a re-mix combination of three Bon Iver songs, along with completely new and original vocals that she wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered in her Fremantle home. St. South had her remix officially released on Bon Iver's exclusive Stems Project album, by record label 'Jagjaguar'.

"Taking a quick gander on St. South’s Soundcloud page is going to be anything but quick, because once her vocals hit your ears, your deep and enthralling entrance into the abyss of her beauty will not end." - Hilly Dilly (Vancouver, CA)

"Not content with sticking to one style, Olivia draws on electronic influences too, using trickling programmed beats and softly churning synths to cement her brand of woozy, forward-thinking folk." - The Line of Best Fit (UK)

"The song “Slacks” has a certain swagger and confidence to it. Her lyrics are powerful and self-assured, and the beat just kind of rolls along without a care. It’s definitely a tune you’ll have on repeat for a while." - Vinyl Me Please (Chicago, IL)

"This track is a cornucopia of awesomeness. The cutting lyrics illustrate a declaration of one’s independence from the destructive holds of a relationship gone wrong as Gavranich’s delicately layered vocals sweep across electronic soundscapes." - Hopeless Thunder (NYC)


Reviewed by Veronica Milsom Veronica M...

23 Aug 2013

Triple J

Vocals float eff...

Vocals float effortlessly over the smooth beats. I think you and Chet Faker should make songwriting babies together - that would be magical.

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Reviewed by Dan Buhagiar Dan Buhagiar

26 Jun 2013

Triple J

Wow, what a voic...

Wow, what a voice! The tone, the control and the delivery are all spot on. The production is great too, lo-fi but it totally works with the mood of the song. With a little more songwriting development, this lady will be quite a talent.

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

12 Jun 2013

Triple J

Olivia's vo...

Olivia's voice works really well with the chriping rattle of this beat. It's an easy tune to get lost listening to.

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