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Indie, Pop

band members

Bell (Bass/Vox), Zoe (Keys/Vox), Tara (Drums), Lachie (Guitar/Keys/Vox), Finn (Guitar/Bass/Vox)


Boy & Bear, Julia Jacklin, The Rubens, The Ocean Party



Fresh off the back of their debut single “Restless”, Melbourne up-and-comers show us a lighter side with their new sunny single “Rant Song”.

Rant Song—set for release on July 31 2020— is a striking duet featuring Bell Aitkenhead and Lachie Fox, two of the four vocalists of Melbourne 5-piece Stacks.
An ode to the trials of sharehouse living, Rant Song explores the tension of living with others and the joy of solitude through it’s quirky and relatable lyricism. An infectious slide guitar riff draws you into the interplay between Lachie and Bell’s contemplative vocals. Centred around a grooving, energetic bass line, and aided by playful acoustic guitar and rich layering, Rant Song offers something new with every listen. Sitting comfortably in the space between vintage San Cisco and new-age Angus and Julia Stone, it’s an immersive feel-good bop built for a boogie.

Stacks is a band of many voices. A collective of singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, this quintet are rapidly developing their own brand of indie rock infused with feel-good pop, folk and old fashioned rock and roll. Stacks embody their roots (a fortuitous late night jam at a houseparty) and they can frequently be found honing their sound in bedrooms and backyard sheds, always with a cup of tea at hand. The band consists of Lachlan Fox (Vox/Guitar/Keys), Bell Aitkenhead (Vox/Bass), Zoe Matthews (Vox/Keys), Tara Graves (Drums), and Finn Buchhorn (Vox/Guitar/Bass). After launching onto the Melbourne live music scene in late 2019, Stacks spent the summer recording in Tasmania and are set for a huge year of releases. If you like The Rubens, Boy & Bear or Ball Park Music you’ll feel quite at home with Stacks filling your ears.

As one Stacks member put it:
“Restless is wild - it’s like that friend we’ve all got, who after 6 wines will messily spill their life problems everywhere”