Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

social distortion, Swinging Utters, The Pogues

band members

Owen - Vocals and mandolin, Trif - Guitar and vocals, Paul - Bass and vocals, Robby - Guitar, Steele - Drums


Folk, Bluegrass, Punk rock



Hailing from the dust bowl that is South Australia, STANDARD UNION are a working class mix of folk, country and punk rock ‘n’ roll. “We write story songs,” says Owen (the band’s principle lyricist) “Just like all the good ones do. Like Johnny Cash did, like Shane McGowan.” The band started in early 2002, with a chance encounter outside a suburban shopping centre, between Owen and co-founder Paul. “There just wasn’t that many kids into good punk rock, kicking around at the time, so when you found one, it was exciting and you sort of instantly became friends.” recalls Owen “I was having a smoke before starting my shift, when Paulie approached me with a comment about the Swingin’ Utters shirt I had on. That’s how it started, mutual interest.” Trifun joined by the end of that first year, just as their first recording, a 12 song demo, was released. Titled ‘Bruised Egos and Blood’, the record was received with great acclaim from both fans and critics alike. “Best album I’ve heard in quite a while.” Riot On Your Own (Ireland). On the back of such strong reviews and constant live shows, the band released their first EP ‘The Lonely Victories’ in 2006, followed by numerous inter-state tours and international supports, sharing the stage with the likes of the Business, Anti-Nowhere League, the Unseen, Dayglo Abortions, the Mahones, H-Block 101, Slick 46 and Mutiny. “Y’know when we started this we were just some dumb kids in a shitty punk band with stars in our eyes, we didn’t even know how to play.” muses Owen. The past ten years has seen Standard Union mature as songwriters, with their uniquely Australian working class theme, allowing their influences to transition seamlessly from one song to the next. With the additions of Robby and Steele, their live sound is as relevant and aggressive as any punk band you’ll hear, and yet it stirs feelings of nostalgia, of convict ships and bushrangers, of the old bush bands from a time gone by. “This country is harsh, if you let it, it will break you and that’s the struggle,” states Owen “but y’know the struggle’s what makes this land and the people in it so incredible and that’s the story. Those are the stories we wanna tell.” STANDARD UNION is: Trifun Spinks – Guitar, Vocals Paul Lumsden – Bass, Vocals Owen Foley – Vocals, Mandolin Robby Bartlett – Guitar, Bkg. Vocals Steele Nugent – Drums and Percussion