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Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock

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Aidan Dever - soft boi on guitar Amy Muir - coolest 'not boy' boi on bass guitar Jamie Minto - "I'M THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD" boi on drums


also shit, pink guy, slayer, carly rae jepson, axis of awesome, more shit

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It’s a fierce world out there and unless you’re The Stank Boiz, you might get swept up before ever getting your feet on the ground.

The Perth, Australia pop punk outfit—vocalist and guitarist Aidan Dever, bassist Amy Muir and drummer Jamie Minto —not only know where they’re going, but have a rock solid history that put them here today. After the 2016 diploma of music performance course, The Stank Boiz were ready and rearing to release the music they had be dreaming to make with the band’s debut single The Bus Song. The Boiz arrive with style and a spirit that captures their teenage love for their hometown as well as their insight into the life of a public transport vehicle.

“The Stank Boiz are like the MSG of the Perth Punk Scene, no substance but the flavour is insane!” – Aidan’s dad

Currently in the studio for their debut EP, The Stank Boiz have something to prove; starting from the bottom they’re now here with lyrics that’ll leave you shook, drums that’ll have you hooked and a style of punk which’ll make you feel like a headless chook with how much you’re headbanging along. The choruses are said to be twice as addictive as winnie blues and 4 times as strong…

Motivated by people’s lack of belief and even slander against the trio, The Stank Boiz aim to create a live performance unprecedented by any other Perth, Pop Punk band before coupled with tunes so gnarly you’d be second guessing if you’re at a music show at all.

Keep your 3rd eye out…
They are coming.