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Indie, Pop

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A stirring of the 50's the 80's.


Leonard Cohen, Roy Orbison, Cigarettes After Sex, Mazzy Star, Beach House, Timecop1983, The 80's, Heathers, Sigourney Weaver


"The loneliest star pilot in the galaxy is kissed by a comets tail”

Often likened to artists such as The Tallest Man on Earth and Beach House – Matthew Dewar's "A Star Pilot from Saturn" is a retro/luminescent return for the artist FKA DIREWOLF.

“"His sets are love-struck dirges, charting characters as they struggle through the absurd perils and splendid crescendos of life, he also has rather expressive feet, tracing quick hieroglyphics on the ground as he plays.” – The Brag

A severely tumultuous but profoundly defining past two years has seen Dewar create a full body of work which has all been recorded in Matt's bedroom.

The freshly release single "I Need Some Arms Around Me" is an incandescent comment from Dewar on men's mental health and troubles with expression of feeling.

“Electrifyingly haunting vocals”
“Some pretty gnarly lyrics”
- The Music Producer