Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Jebediah, Trial kennedy, The Living End

band members

Gerard Pidoto - Vocals/Guitar, Pat McKenna - Bass, Leo Lionheart - Drums, Arlo Cook - Guitar


Betchadupa, The Clash, Osker


Forming in 2008, The Statics have never been ones to faff about. They’ve hit the ground running on this treadmill of an industry and refuse to slow down. The Melbourne rock quartet have released two albums previously, with two brand new EPs (combining to make one album) coming out in 2011. The EPs/album “A Million Perfect Mistakes” are produced by Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy, Jonesez, Fuzz Phantoms) and mixed/engineered by Hadyn Buxton (Blueline Medic, The Wrights, Trial Kennedy). The Statics are one of the hardest working independent bands in Australia - They don’t seem to understand the word NO. Perhaps ‘committed’ would be the politically correct way of describing them; however ‘ballsy’ is far more fitting. To put it simply, The Statics love playing live, and being able to do that together is what fulfils the beast within. It’s this reputation for blistering live shows which has seen The Statics continually invited to play alongside some of Australia’s most renowned live acts, including Gyroscope, Calling All Cars, After The Fall and Trial Kennedy. But the band aren’t content to rest between gigs - check out the YouTube series of their “It’s Yours So Truck It” escapades, which shows them setting their gear up on the back of a truck and playing impromptu gigs outside the offices of many band managers and booking agents around Melbourne and Sydney. If nothing else, it’s plain to see that The Statics have balls. Big Balls.