Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Beartooth, Cancer Bats, Comeback Kid

band members

Daniel Breen - Vocals Dimitrios Sotirakis - Guitar Dimitris Moraitis - Guitar Bradley Scott - Bass Joe Larwood - Drums



Steadfast is the brainchild of Daniel Breen, Joshua Durdin and Dimitrs Moraitis.
After leaving Storm the Sky, Daniel was looking make a band with a heavier sound that embodied more of the characteristics of the 90s grunge movement and contrasted with the current hardcore scene. Upon hearing Josh’s home recordings of his own music featuring straight forward no nonsense fast paced riffs, they got together in late 2016 to conceive what would be known as “Steadfast”.

Soon after Dimitrios (later deemed to be known as Hendo) offered to take on bass duties, adding his own unique approach to the instrument. Finally, the lineup was completed by the human metronome Joe Larwood who prides his style on precision rather than over-complexity.

Steadfast’s sound borrows from bands like Cancer Bats, Comeback Kid, and Beartooth, fast-paced guitar driven music with a raw edge while the lyrical content talks honestly about everyday struggles some of us face. However determined not to fit into any mould, Steadfast also taps into its punk/emo influences in “Pages From A Closed Book” while “The Puppeteer” flirts with a more progressive sound giving Steadfast scope to show what they’re capable of while keeping a core sound.