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Punk, Rock

band members

Loz smith . Drums Dave Butler . bass and back up vocals Mike" Kiwi " Denniston ; lead guitar and back up vocals


cosmic psychos , Dk,s




Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

31 Dec

The Genny

Goulburn Murray, 3741

Mt hotham



The highest punk band in the land,
all originals and started out in sept 2017 having some fun to honour a fallen mate, and slotting in on his tribute Krugerpaloozer festival , followed it up at the Cool summer festival Mt Hotham then had an invite by the murderballs to play in Melb , back around to winter played a bunch of local pubs , then back to Melbs to a Radio interview on,
Pbs "shock Treatment " , we also launched our Ep the same week at the Vineyard Graveyard sessions . we played a few more since the Ep luanch ,including run to the hills festival at mt hotham and Th last chance rock n roll bar in May .
look out as we coming back around for a winter season at home and many gigs are locked in .
bang and still having fun !