Artist info


Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Luke Vassella, Fred Smith

band members

Steve Bevis - vocals, guitars, HoBo Hibbins - drums, Frank Davey - bass


Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly


Whether gently warming a room on his own with his soulful, bluesy, acoustic roots music, or leading a group of fellow travelers in a spontaneous spirit filled singalong, or really raising the temperature with his cohorts in the rock outfit, “Steve Bevis & The HoBo Whoevers”, Steve Bevis delivers. A singer/songwriter/guitarist and documentary maker living in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Steve puts passion, spirit, intrigue and intelligence into his music in equal measure. Drawing on rock songwriting influences such as Dylan, the Stones, U2, Springsteen, Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, Lou Reed, Paul Kelly and shades of 'the Oils', Steve weaves these classic influences together with folk/blues, roots,, African guitar pop and acoustic gospel to make an inspiring mix all his own. Together with the intricate sonic palate of the music, the lyrics that grace these songs are clearly influenced by the contemporary global situation. This is something that Steve has had first hand experience with as he has traveled as a documentary filmmaker in developing countries. Asylum seekers, refugees, corruption, war, injustice and the environment are all investigated in a lyrical style that doesn’t feel like flag waving, so much as the bottom line of personal spiritual commitment. "They include a bunch of things that I felt just had to be said," says Steve. "Because real people and events lie at the heart of these songs." And that's the kind of stuff that you can't hide, or just stick on. You can hear it with every listen. Steve’s current CD’s include the recent release Telecast Hotel, a potent mix of Oz roots rock with a hint of celtic country. From the rush of "The New LA's" manic energy to the sweet emotion of "You Make The Whole Damn Thing Worthwhile" - a tribute to Billy Connolly, this is an album for lovers of great songwriting that are happy to ride a wave of sonic energy. Available the last quarter of 2006 will be Steve's new roots singer/songwriter CD, "The Tropic of Conversation". Featuring the crowd pleasers "The Member for Bennelong" and "You'd Shoot...(A Capitalist Crusade), this is an album that lyrically takes no prisoners. It also features a swag of songs that bathe in Sydney summers and celebrate friendship and love in the harbour city.