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Steve Foster- songwriter, vocals, guitar,mandolin, harmonica;Ron Williams-banjo & bass harmonies; John Hyland-dobro, guitar & tenor harmonies; James Sked-double bass.


Dixie Chicks, Dylan, Cream


Australia's own award winning songwriter, Steve Foster, is back in Adelaide, with his band Blackwood County Bluegrass Ensemble. Catchy original songs, with a country, bluegrass, folk, rock, blues, roots, mixture. NEWSFLASH!!!!!! Steve's upbeat song: "I GUESS I'M GONNA NEED SOMEBODY ELSE" (featured here on triple J Unearthed) has just been awarded the APRA/SACCM 2006 SA Country Song Of the Year (Traditional) NEW CD: Steve Foster & Blackwood County Bluegrass Ensemble, Limited Edition,Outback Fringe Festival Tour 2006, (includes the award winning track) available on the website, as are Steve's other CD's including a re-release on CD of the original vinyl LP hit,"Coming Home In A Jar". Also available the Steve Foster-A Life In Music black T shirt in all sizes