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Stevie Geyer - Vocals, Rythem Guitar Michael Luke - Lead guitar


Paul Dempsey, Bernard Fanning, Crowded House



(Recent gigs - Judith Wright Theatre, The Joint, Empire Theatre (with Pete Murray). The Zoo (in Feb 2010) Brisbane based original singer song writer Stevie Geyer is in the process of recording his own EP that has a slight old-school blues and roots feel. He has grown up listening to music from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, and Roy Orbison to Crowded House, Jeff Buckley and his modern day inspiration Bernard Fanning. Originally, ‘Stevie G’, (as his friends like to call him), ever only played conga drums in cover bands. Over the past year, decided to move on to writing and soon found out that he could sing a note or two. Writing and performing his original music is something he gains deep satisfaction and he states “It’s the feeling you get when you create your own projects that tell a story, and bringing those stories to life through live music, makes it all worthwhile”. After coming in top 20 in one of Brisbane’s original singer song writing competitions, Stevie G, decided to give up his profession as a Property Valuer and start performing his music for a career.