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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Clare Bowditch, The Grates, The Waifs

band members

Stevie Jean- musician/singer/songwriter


Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, The Grates



Stevie Jean grew up in Moree, NSW. She attended piano lessons from the age of five, and joined the Moree brass band at the age of twelve. Stevie regrets to inform you that she did not attend any band camps, but if the opportunity had ever arisen she would have been first on the scene... Flute in hand... Anyway, during her schooling she joined a high school band named 'Fetish', in which she was the token female drummer. The band was short lived and after disbanding, Stevie went off to pursue an education, in education. During her tertiary studies she played in a few uni bands, her favourite being 'Stevie Nicks and Tim'. Stevie Jean graduated in 2007 and began teaching. Stevie has always performed at local events and functions, but her main interest is in the writing and recording of her own music. Last year Stevie travelled to Nashville to record an EP in 'The Velvet Room', which she explains has been the highlight of her musical journey thus far...