Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

The Kinks, easybeats, Small Faces

band members

Bernard C - Vox & Guitar, Paul L - vox, Guitar & Keys, Nick B - Drums


Beatles, The Doors, Loved Ones


From the shackles and chains of boring old desk jobs, to the wurlitzing stage of bright lights, good times and senseless fun, there's nothing more real than shakin along to the ice cool melodies and sweet tunes of The Sticks. These guys have crashed parties, broken bones, and rocked the wooden floors of old Melbourne's pub scenes. The Sticks have recently released their self titled debut ep in the form of a bright red velvet scrap book! These guys aren't just musicians, they're artists. They write and produce their own songs, create and design their own merchandise/ artwork, and if you haven’t yet seen these boys in action… well… the electricity, charisma, and general old knockabout fun of The Sticks on stage will get your rocks rockin and your rolls rollin! The Sticks have been building momentum since they began playing in March 2005 and they've got plenty more up their sleeves. The Sticks are hip! The Sticks are now! The Sticks are shakin all over!