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Indie, Rock

band members

Tdep De Prinse, Oscar Hose, Richard Sallis, Mitchell Skinner, Aaron Williams

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"Their eclectic sound brings forward raw emotion in their music, something that is hard to come across in most music pieces in the current world." - Ezra Magazine

“The Adelaide based quintet successfully combines the piano, drums, and guitars to emit a classic rock sound. However, it is the deep baritone voice of their lead singer and cool use of novel sounds that really make the band stand out from the pack. Watch out for these guys to get much bigger.” - Aussie Playlist

STOCK EXCHANGE are a quintet from the Adelaide Hills who specialize in twisted alternative rock. Bored of the straight forward indie pop they had played in previous bands, they set about creating something darker and more unusual by drawing on their wide range of influences from jazz to punk, folk, dance music, experimental and old school rock’n’roll.

Within months of their formation, they competed in the Battle of the Bands at Imaginate Festival and won. This was followed up by an EP of demos entitled “Casino” which completely sold out on the launch night. Live favourite “The City” became the #1 South Australian song on the Unearthed High charts, and remained there for several months. Another cut from the EP, “The Castle” was made a feature track on the Triple J website. This helped them establish a loyal following overseas and well as locally.

Their live shows are known for being involved, energetic and dynamic; switching from intimacy to intensity using an unpredictable multi-instrumental setup. Their recordings have been described as raw and intricate, making use of unusual sounds and techniques such as century old pianos.

This May, the band will release their debut album “The Best Night of My Life”. Several years in the making and inspired by a traumatic period in lead vocalist Richard Sallis's life; the five-piece bring the songs to life with a wide and diverse range of instrumentation, aiming to conjure up a sound simultaneously retro and modern. It creates a dark and emotive experience but not without subtle light and humour.

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