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Sounds like

Salvador Dali

band members

Zac betts: Guitar. Kev Lemming: Guitar. Simon Fehlberg: Bass. Jon Holweg: Vox/samples. Steve Nichols: Drums


Sabbath, Tomohawk, Helmet, Melvins, Beastie boys Nirvana, Soundgarden, Janes Addiction, Mastodon, Bowie


Stone Chimp Started assaulting the brisbane rock scene 2 years ago with their genre splitting rock. described as faith no more and pink floyd beating up david bowie, IN 2 short years the chimps have played over 80 live shows supporting the likes of gay paris and have recently returned from a tour of california supporting dale crovers Altamont. With a self produced debut album available for free download and more recording and USA tours for 2014, the chimps are set for primate domination of rock n roll!