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Indie, Rock



Stone Empire are a 4 Piece 100% original Indie Rock band from Newcastle with a massive sound and Live Energy that leaves there audience spell bound !!! They have just recorded there brand new EP titled OCTORABBITSQUIDSKULL with legendary Producer/ Engineer David Nicholas who is responsible for Engineering and Producing some of the worlds biggest Albums and names like: INXS Kick Midnight Oils Blue Sky Mining Elton John Brian Adams Rod Stewart Sting Gangajang Jimmy Barnes Baby Animals The Whitlams Darren Middleton ( Powder Finger) Sex Pistols Stone Empire do everything themselves including all Album Artwork and graphics from lead vocalist / Lead Guitarist Justin Dorin. Members: Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar - Justin Dorin Rythum Guitar - Kye Braithwaite Bass / Vocals - Jimmy Eyre Drums - Peter Boyd