Artist info


Hip Hop, Indie

Sounds like

Horrorshow, chance waters, Pez

band members

Kelton Muir


Australian Hip Hop is changing, and in the pocket of the new wave is Stories For Nothing. At a mere 19 years of age, Kelton Muir (Stories For Nothing) creates emotionally intelligent and powerful music. Producing a unique sound that echos the vibrations of Chance Waters, Horrorshow, Pez and Illy, Stories For Nothing is Kelton's aspiration to tell stories; both his own and others. Inspired by writers ranging from 2 Pac to Ted Hughes and musicians from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Emma Louise, Stories For Nothing becomes an eclectic blend of genres and versatile musical expression, leaving behind the cliches of old Hip Hop. Stories For Nothing excels on stage with an 8 piece set up of jazz performance artists studying at the Sydney University Conservatoire. The live shows is adaptable to every scenario, filled with energy and musical ingenuity from all band members and completed with powerful lyrics and catchy choruses. Toned from shows across Australia's east coast supporting national pacesetter and Triple J Unearthed Artist of the Year Nominee, Chance Waters, as well as supporting phenomenal international and local Hip Hop acts such as Hopsin, SwizZz, Coptic Soldier and Johnny Utah, Stories For Nothing brings personality and musicality to an Australian Hip Hop stage often bogged down by monotonous flows and predictable outcomes. Stories For Nothing is continuing to tour with Chance Waters on his 'Young & Dumb Tour' currently and his latest song 'Special' (A remake of 'Heavenly' by Pez) is now available for free download through Triple J Unearthed and in hard copy at shows.