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Punk, Indie

band members

Matt Steadman - Lead Drums Pius Ott - Lead Bass / Vocals Marc Morel - Lead Guitar / Vocals


The Stooges, Radio Birdman


Despite having a combined age of nearly 100, Stork refuse to admit that after 15 years they're past it. "We never really had it in the first place explains founding member and guitarist Mr. Marc Morel. "But after all this time, you can bet we sure have some nice equipment." Stork embarked upon a tour of Europe in 2001, hailed in the local media as "An appearance by an Australian band." Riding on the coat-tails of this success has seen them play in more familiar venues in past weeks, including a brief world tour of inner Melbourne Rock venues. "It's just not worth playing any gig that I can't Razor Scooter to." said bass player, Mr. Pius Ott With these successes under their belts, the lads look forward to making amends with some fine rock and roll in the coming weeks. "Music is our lives" adds drummer Mr. Matt Steadman . "You know, except for all the other things we do, like work and reading and stuff." Stork has so far released two full length albums, "99% Fact Free" in 2002 and "...sigh" in 2005/6, both of which are available for a measly $5 through our webpage. Go buy them, they will solve all your problems.