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Punk, Rock

band members

Patrick Smith (Frontman) Jonny Cook (Axeman) Chris Anthony (Engine Room) Jack Stokes (Bass Slapper)


Black lips, Drunk Mums, Skegss, FIDLAR, Australian Crawl, The Boss, Bad//Dreems


Local legends and mid-coast spooks – STORK have so far managed to defy expectations in their relatively short career, which has seen them support the likes of Skegss, Hockey Dad, Goons of Doom and Verge Collection.

Raised on a diet of salt, sand and the occasional snag, Stork take influence from Aussie acts including Bad//Dreems, SKEGSS and Drunk Mums as well as international outfits like The Black Lips and FIDLAR. Add to this a healthy appreciation for classic acts such as The Boss and this sees Stork unleash a healthy blend of punk/surf/garage rock.

Stork formed on a summers day in 2015 during some time out of the water, when four mates decided to bash a few instruments around over a couple of West End cans – to which they fondly dedicate their song “Best Friend”. The name ‘Stork’ came about after Bassist Stokesy misspelt his own name whilst attempting to pimp out a surfboard – a mistake anyone could make he insists.

Beloved for their fast-paced, punk tunes which include an ode to lead singer Pat’s terrier – “Maggie is a Jack Russel”, Stork produce an enormous sense of energy and excitability.

With a spate of music ready to be released in the bottom-half of 2017, there’s no better time to drop in on the party wave that is STORK.



Marvellous creations to the ears

Marvellous creations to the ears