Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Rolling Stones, the Doors

band members

Pete Whelan, Phil Hunt, Quang Dinh, Randy Venom, Mitch Jones


The Rolling Stones, The Doors, T. Rex, Black Sabbath



The Strange are a five-piece Melbourne garage band consisting of vocalist Pete Whelan (ex AutoPilot), drummer Quang Dinh (Naked Bodies, ex Little Red), guitarist Ian Williams (ex AutoPilot), guitarist Phil Hunt and Mitchell Jones.

The band formed when one day they woke up together in a strange room without any windows or doors and no recollection of the previous 48 hours. Upon their release, they immediately formed The Strange and set about crafting swampy rock n’ roll influenced by the strut of Exile-era Rolling Stones and the psychedelia of the Doors.

Honing their chops on the Melbourne live scene, a chaotic live show soon developed. They’ve shared the stage with the Preatures, played at last year’s Chopped Festival and have toured Australia with their previous two singles.

Beat magazine called them “part gypsy caravan and part psychedelic meltdown."
They were unanimously selected by a panel of music industry peers to win the launch competition hosted by music website EatNoise, affording them the opportunity to create the clip for “Piece of Your Strange”.

In August 2013 they released “Piece of Your Strange” as the first single for their forthcoming record, due early 2016.