Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

U2, killers, The Church

band members

Tristan James - vocals/guitar, Mal Beveridge - bass, Mike Minten - drums


U2, The Church, The Cure


Since coming together as a band in 2005, SIP have grown into a formidable prospect. When singer/songwriter Tristan James decided in 2005 that he missed the camaraderie found working within a band, he approached friends and sometimes-musical collaborators Mal Beveridge (bass) and Mike Minten (drums). It was fairly obvious from the first rehearsal that this was a unit that was not only going to work, but excel. Each person brought a distinct set of influences to the equation: Tristan, his love of simple and powerful songwriting in the vein of U2, Oasis and Van Morrison, Mal a vast experience in playing rock, blues, funk and jazz, and Mike, an ill-matched passion for Depeche Mode and Iron Maiden, Simple Minds and Metallica. The common thread was a desire to create distinctive, yet accessible music with an emphasis on hooks and melodies. When it came to the song-writing process, Strangers in Paradise had a simple agenda; to set trends, not follow them. Their songs have been given rave reviews by Melbourne's top music journalists, including glowing endorsements from Herald Sun music critic Cameron Adams who described their sound as "potential laden" whilst , Age and Inpress writer Clem Bastow gave their first single 'I Know Why' a glowing endorsement, calling it "a killer chunk of pealing '80's 'intelligent rock". Their impact as a live act as been similarly impressive. Regularly playing in Melbourne's premier music venues, SIP have gained a reputation as a truly exceptional live act. Word of mouth is not only seeing their live shows draw a loyal and fast developing fan base, but has also had them added to high profile gigs such as the Make Poverty History concert. SIP also received a rapturous reception to their slot at the 2006 Queenscliff Music Festival. The second half of 2007 sees the band back in the studio, demoing new material with the hope of releasing their first single in early 2008.