Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Strawberry Fist Cake,

band members

Krunchy McSlutface - Vocals & Scotch, Mik DeStar - Guitar & Screams, Jimmy Jack Steve - Drums & Yelps, Skillet - Bass & Squeaks


Toy Dolls, Sloppy seconds, Macc lads



Fist Cake have been kicking round for a few years now. We'd like to think we're getting better, but really we're probably just getting more obnoxious. Our shows are filled with bacon necklaces, wizz fizz, fireworks and occasional nudity. It's most likely these things that have also seen us banned from several venues (Toowoomba will never be the same). Our songs are driven by a range of influences and styles, but the underlying theme is always to have fun. And bacon. Always have bacon. But you're best to come experience it for yourself at one of our shows. Love us or hate us, we guarantee you won't be forgetting us in a hurry. Waffles.