Artist info


Indie, Metal, Punk

Sounds like

Tool, Sepultura, Pantera, Muse

band members

Rob Soppitt - Bass,Vocal Joel Goreham - Guitar Shane Schultz - Drums


Tool, Primus, Incubus, Faith No More



Stray Dog Strut had its humble beginnings in mid 2008. Originally a 6 piece death metal band called Say Cheese & Die, the group had difficulty getting off the ground mostly due to a lack of commitment from several members. Reducing it's numbers down to 3, the remaining group crafted a unique sound utilizing influences from many different modern bands that combined Shane's percussive skill with Rob's freakish bass ability. Alongside other local metal acts, Stray Dog Strut stood out a mile away due to their fresh, original sound with audiences lapping up their energetic live shows and catchy grooves.

A few years passed, more songs were written, but things changed in mid 2011 when Michael left to pursue other musical interests. He was replaced by Joel who not only took on the role of guitarist, but also pushed online promotion for the band that helped their sounds reach a much larger audience. Getting into bed with a number of promoters and venue owners around Adelaide, a large number of shows were played over the next couple of years. Garnering support from both their peers and audiences alike, Stray Dog Strut started to gain momentum.

Since then Stray Dog Strut have successfully completed a crowd funding campaign, built an official website, produced their first batches of merchandise, scored a front cover of a US based music magazine, achieved a No. 1 ranking on several music websites, and recorded their debut EP which is due to be released any moment now. Several gigs, including their EP Launch Party, are planned for the remainder of 2014.

Check out Stray Dog Strut. We're not your average sounding metal trio.