Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

If Old Dirty Bastard & Ed Sheeran tag teamed Adele.

band members

Jacob 'Vijilantee' Pugh Cooper Lower


Xavier Rudd, Wu Tang Clan



A Special Ed student - Jacob 'Vijilantee' Pugh - scribbles random, irrelevant thoughts onto paper before passing himself off as a storyteller, while his musically inclined friend - Cooper Lower - lays down dank beats and vocals that sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger having his testicles pinched.

Both lads have received critical acclaim for their collaborative efforts, earning reviews such as these:

'Vijilantee haz a kontradikting rappah aksent n a shit haircut, I much prefer recycled indie pop' - some random important person on the Internet.

'coopah lowah music iz tha gr8tst guitar playah n singah eva, he iz up dere wif 1 direction' - 12 year old girl from Warrnambool, Victoria.

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