Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Ida Maria, lily allen, Juliette and the Licks

band members

Erinn Swan - vocals, Matt Newton - Drums/Guitars, Damon Whiteley - Bass, James See - Guitar, Alex Woodward - Guitar


Other music...?, the opportunity to be sweaty?, The almighty ROCK.


Streamer Bendy are a band from Brisbane, Australia. Erinn, Matt, Damon, James and Alex all met each while touring in various other Australian rock bands and to date they all seem to get along ok. In their spare time the band members like to bond over the trivial and mundane, including, but not limited to; their collective distaste for a badly made margharita, who can create the most pwnership while surfing on the internets, who has the worst tattoos, who has the biggest sailormouth (erinn does btw) and who's going to pick up the pizzas tonight. Because i'm getting hungry. Streamer Bendy came together in a single week in late 2008, when the group of friends somehow hijacked some studio time, threw a 5 day fiesta and recorded what happened. The result is the bands debut ep: STREAMER BENDY, which will be available somewhere, somehow, at some point. Although Streamer Bendy , as a collective, are a very new band, individually the band members have racked up a combined total of over 12,346 years touring the world. Enough said.