Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

CLEWS, First Aid Kit, Middle Kids, Angie McMahon, Daughter, Lucy Dacus

band members

Jess Walters, Jo Huf & Lachy Brown


Born out of overflowing to-do list, front lady Jess Walters lumped a couple fun-time-friendly-jams into one delicious concoction (such efficiency) magically forging ‘Stress Walters’.

Sliding into the realms of indie-folk with a sprinkle of pop/rock, this band will leave you feeling nurtured & human. Their songs question the crevices of Jess’ mind, leaving no segment unexplored on the trains of (over)thought cycling through her head. If you enjoy sad girl songs, no filters & emotional enmeshment - you’ve come to the right space.

In a game of charades this three piece ‘sounds like’ Middle Kids, Angie McMahon, Daughter & Lucy Dacus with a scatter of uninhibited, conversational and self-reflecting melodic narratives.

Melt your little hearts like butter with tasty harmonies by Jo Huf (Bass Queen) & Lachlan Brown (Drum Princess). This warm ball of splendid humans will make you feel right at home.