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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

simon and garfunkle, thursday, At The Drive In

band members

Luke Johnson - Vocals. Evan Buckpitt - Guitar. Jeremy - Guitar. Kyle Mitchell - Drums. Simon McMenamin - Bass.


simon and garfunkle, thursday, At The Drive In

Unearthed artists we like

Margaret Helen King, NUMBERS!, Cathy Petocz, Kempsey


Forming late 2004, and on the airwaves from 2005 Strong Like Sam have captured audiences with well over 200 high energy live shows. With more shows outside of their hometown than in, SLS have played up and down the east coast and have recently been invited to play at the Parachute festival in Auckland NZ, SLS have also played and been invited back to play many other festivals including 2 Blackstump's, both Soundfest's, 2 Indyfest's and 2 Beauties and Bogans. The rapid and incredible reception received by the band in and around Canberra has enabled them to play with national and international greats: From Autumn to Ashes (USA) The Bled (USA), End of Fashion, Antiskeptic, I Killed The Prom Queen, Carpathian, Kid Courageous, Young and Restless, Irrelevant, Elemeno P (NZ), Neon, This Night Creeps (NZ), Angela’s Dish, The Valley and Horsell Common. After a short break mid 2007 Strong Like Sam returned to the stage with a second guitarist, and have come back with avengence with new songs, rocking dance moves and more facial hair than a bushwalking conference hosted by Grizzly Adams. Their sound and live antics remind many of the love child of At The Drive in, Thursday and a touch of a well cooked roast dinner at your parents place. You'll find their lyrics drenched in personal struggles, with topics of truth and love, as well as hand written death threats and the occasional attempt at humour. Strong like Sam deliver the goods better then any postman, making your legs involuntarily move to the infectious beat and your mouth sing the words... even when you may not know them.