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me, Dave Matthews, Neil Finn

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Stu Harcourt-Singer/guitarist


Dave Matthews, Neil Finn, Colin Hay

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Tom Kline


Stu's musically journey has been a life long..
From the early years being captivated by the record player at the family home,
til picking up the guitar at age 11...

“”“I asked my first guitar teacher how long if would take to learn to play?...
his response was...””The rest of your life!!”” true he was..

Stu has been dedicated to live performance and production for over 25 years.
In addition to producing 9 solo EPs/albums,
his latest album"Beautiful Wild"was written touring Australia/Europe in 2017..
Recorded in the northern rivers NSW at Tweed Creative Studio with Jake Mann

Stu has been a travelling musician for most part of the last 20 years or so,
his 20's saw him based in Toronto Canada playing the scene there,
or backpacking busking and performing around Europe,
or studying music in LA at Guitar Institute of Technology,
continuously learning the craft of guitar and songwriting..
His 2012 release "Elements" was a dream come true,recording at LAFX one of LA's top recording studio's in North Hollywood...
From performing regularly in his home town of Melbourne and the East Coast,
in 2011 Stu hit the road,heading to Western Australia,for what was meant to be a 6 month tour......turning this musician into a non stop touring artist
Ping ponging across Australia,from Margaret river,Broome,the Kimberley,
Arnhemland,Townsville to Byron Bay,Tasmania and everywhere between...even playing Ski season in Japan 2015,2016,2018
"Music can take you anywhere"..and the people and places will inspire...
Stu's husky sometimes soaring vocal ability,earthy lyrics,accomplished guitar work acoustic grooves
with colors of didgeridoo have continued to delight audiences around Australia and the World.

For the future touring will continue in Australia and Internationally