Artist info


Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Sun Kil Moon, Elliot Smith, Fink, Thom Yorke

band members

Stuart Orchard - vox, guitar, piano Daniel Hall - guitars Giles Lowe -bass Brent Purser - drums David Dower - keyboards


Battles, Department of Eagles, Grinderman, Radiohead



All roads, they say, lead to Rome but Stuart Orchard took the autobahn and ended up in Berlin for a year. Armed with just guitar, laptop and a couple of song sketches, he emerged with a new album. The total immersion in German culture, and possibly beer, is evident in its crisp, vibrant feel.

From Orchard’s trademark left-field hooks in Ken Wilber and No Champagne, to the eerie beauty of closing track Ode To A Clone, the album is thoughtfully crafted and delivered. Bountiful moments of emotive, ambient pop sit side by side with crazy moments of Middle Eastern disco and R&B; a clash of cultures meet in a concrete Berlin basement.

Benefitting from the technical wizardry of dance producer and Berlin stalwart Mark Reeder, Unintended Consequences expands Orchard’s imaginative musical world once again with a surprisingly classic yet fresh flavour; as exciting and unpredictable as the artist who brought it all to life.