Artist info


Rock, Electronic

Sounds like

Mr Bungle, Incubus, NIN

band members

John "Keeny" Keen (Vox/Lead Guitar) Tim "Kermit Da Prog" Bennetts (Keys/Atmospheres) Geoff "Jet" Donohue (Bass) Glenn "Glenno" Collie (Drums)


Tool, Pink Floyd, Faith No More


SUB INC are a Brisbane based four piece act consisting of John Keen (vox/lead guitar), Tim Bennetts (keys/atmospheres), Glenn Collie (drums) and Geoff Donohue (bass guitar). Hailing from Brisbane, SUB INC’s latest incarnation "SUBjects Inc" took to the scene in 2009, showcasing a new heavier dimension to their music. For those who haven’t heard SUBjects Inc, their musical creations could be described as a balanced culmination of a variety of genres including prog/experimental rock and ambience, with a dash of avant-garde metal. SUBjects worked hard to gain a reputation around the Brisbane music scene as a versatile and captivating act, with a strong stage presence. Through their funky grooves, intense vocals, slamming metal riffs and delicate melodic soundscapes, SUB INC strives to engage their audience and whisk them away on a musical journey like no other. From the Very Beginning.. Formerly known as “Stitches”, SUB INC. emerged in 2001 with project SUBstitute Inc. In 2002, SUB INC. won the NCBC Campus Band Competition at the University of Sunshine Coast. During this period, SUB INC were honored to have played along side many established acts including Unwritten Law, The Butterfly Effect, The Brown Hornet (Dylan Lewis), and many more. In 2003, SUB INC. released an independent EP “The Chase”, which was followed by a tour of South East Queensland, playing Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Lismore, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. After gaining a substantial following in these areas, SUBstitute INC released their debut full length album “Who Knows nationally through MGM. In 2007 SUB INC. kicked off with project "SUBstance Inc.". Having barrages of new material, SUB INC. enlisted help from the best production trio in Brisbane consisting of producer Stuart Niven, mixer Forrester Savell and masterer Dave Neil, to put together SUBstance Inc’s debut EP “Ski-Hi”. Late 2012 will see the release of their debut full length album "Secret-Agent-Phantom-Luvas-Undercover-Mutha-Funksters".