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Sounds like

Inflames, Devin Townsend, Hatebreed

band members

andrew nobbs vocals micheal russell guitarist/vocals simon connor guitarist jason muller bass james russell drums


Inflames, Fear Factory, Soilwork


Vocals Andrew Nobbs Guitarist/Vocals Michael Russell Guitarist Simon Connor Bassist Jason Muller Drums James Russell Submission started out in 1999 and was formed because of a group of friends that all had a passion for metal. The sound has varied over the years starting of as a very sepulture type sound to now a more melodic and grove but still has the thrash styling of bands like pantera and fear factory. The 5 piece outfit started doing gigs through the support of other bands just starting out as well and mainly played in the Ipswich area. With the help of local promoters submission has played gigs with many big named Australian metal bands such as frankenbok and dreadnaught. The sound of the outfit is not just one style but many styles creating a unique sound. The drumming style is thrash rhythm while the guitarist’s style is varied from fear factory and strapping young lad through to killswitch engage and soilwork. The vocals are also varied from old school sepultura through to a high pitch similar to early inflames. In 2002 Submission took part in the 2002 Queensland Rock Awards and made it all the way to the Grand Finale and was in the top ten out of the 270 bands that entered which is a very good achievement in its self Being that Submission is a Heavy Metal band. Submission has released two cd Spineless in 2002 and Forever the Struggle in 2004. Spineless was recorded at Grevillia Studios and Forever the Struggle was recorded at studio Anderdabeers with both albums distributed at local music stores by the band. The goal of submission is to do as many live performances to as many people as possible with their passion for providing a great show every time they are on stage. Contact Details