Artist info


Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

The Prodigy, Aphex twin, Beck

band members

Spoz - producer/vocals, Copy One - vocals


The Prodigy, Aphex twin, Beck

Unearthed artists we like

SWORDS, Morals of a Minor, KAMIKAZE, Mr Wednesday


We are the id, the reptilian brain, the inner screaming beast, that which has been silent too long and now made sound, we are the manifestation and the catharsis of the dystopia, we are the resistance movement, the revolution, the anomaly, we are the underground, the experimental, the deeply expressive, we are the funk, the beat, the rhythm, the live stream of conciousness, the anarchy in the creativity, the danger inherant in thoughts made reality, intellectual idiots released from their cages to wreak havoc on the neighborhood, focusing the mind as a laser beam to cut down the advancing armies of darkeness, everywhere and nowhere, hijackers of the technological hierachy, upholding the right of people everywhere to fight the bollocks, if it aint fixed break it, mischief makers, beat poets, sentience in the symbiosis, wake up and smell the napalm, the insignificant uprising from the infinite, the blurring edges between black and white, impervious to conventional weapons, able to leap tall ideas in a single bound, faster than a speeding anachronism, the culmination of millions of years of evolution, the one, the only, accept no substitutes, Subwoofer.