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Sounds like

Every Time I Die / Lamb Of God / The Haunted

band members

Josh - Voice Dom - Gtar DT - Bass Jay - Drums


36 Crazyfists, Superheist, While She sleeps, Lamb Of God, Every time I Die


The energy, the intensity and the thirst that you experience in your musical infancy is a sense that typically goes unmatched. Unfortunately for some, this feeling decays and dissipates all too soon and leaves its host to carry out their existence as an empty and unsatisfied vessel. For others, this inner obsession not only remains, but it enhances with every fresh breath of influence, and fulfilling this aspiration is a constant trial. A trial that Suffer The Evenue know they will never triumph over.

Shaped out of the remnants of successful past ventures, Suffer The Evenue is a collected entity that bleeds energy and excitement directly into the veins of its witnesses. As a unit, they've managed to structure an accomplished, dynamic sound that offers the audience an alternative to the stereotypical metal acts you might find at your local. Whilst still maintaining the violent and powerful aspects that you'd expect from the genre, they also deliver a certain dominance and individuality that are driving characteristics for what make this outfit so notable.

They stem from the depths of South Australia, and as a four piece, manage to capture a diverse range of influence that seeps through spontaneously yet effectively. Every track seems to portray its own message, and provides a different feel that has instant recognition with those who are exposed to it.

The key elements that are driving factors for Suffer The Evenue are simply the devotion and passion they have for writing, perfecting and performing their brand of music. It’s an enthusiasm that never fades, and the evidence of this is easy to see.
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