Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

King Crimson, The Nazz, black sabbath

band members

SnackPack - Guitar/Vocals, Moose - Drums/Vocals, Lance Swagger - Bass


The Nazz, Blue Cheer


Sun God Replica have the pedigree of the talented Linsay McLennan taking up the role of chief songwriter, singer and guitar shredder. You might know him better as Link Meanie. Singer of the iconic Meanies. So now’s who’s in this lineup you may ask? Lochie Cavigan, he played on the last 2 Bakelite Age records with Link. Lochie is now classified as Links main wingman. Loch kills it on drums and rips out a great backing vocal at the same time. Then the killer balls to the floor bassman Lance Swagger rounds out Sun God Replica’s sound beautifully. Sun God Replica's first album Primitive Clockwork was a vinyl / digital affair only and its now rare as and still kicks arse. The new record is called “The Devil and the Deep” This time the boys had More Time, More Songs to choose from and a nice proper studio. The Legendary Atlantis Studio in Port Melbourne. The advantage of 2 inch tape and great microphones and with that crazy mother fu*ker Loki Lockwood at the helm they have produced a sonic ride that represents Link "SnackPack" Meanie at his best. It's no wonder that this is already one of the most anticipated releases that will drop early 2014.