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Peter Gabriel, Warp, Fleetwood Mac, Boards of Canada, Jamie XX,, chet faker, fourtet, nicolas jaar

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peter gabriel, nicolas jaar, fourtet, john talabot

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Flume, upsidedownhead, SUIIX



Australian artist Sunday blends electronic beats with dreamy synths and floating vocals to create a euphoric and vulnerable style of music that is inspired from the deserts and skies. Inspired by vulnerable and electronic song writers such as Peter Gabriel, Bjork, John Talabot and Nicolas Jaar, Sunday explores new sounds and sonic landscapes with a connection to emotional songwriting and vocal melodies. After reaching nearly two million plays on Spotify with his single “All Of The Time”, Brisbane based artist is back with his new single “On A Wave”. Inspired by the thoughts of returning to meet a connected soul in a beautiful place, “On A Wave” is a summer electronic song that floats through upbeat melodies and soft synths to paint a picture of positive connections and nostalgic thoughts of sun kissed moments and optimistic fun. Having toured internationally playing such festivals as Coachella, Primavera and Groovin The Moo, Sunday will be touring nationally with his immersive visual show this April in support of “On A Wave”. The show is a synchronised journey through backdrops of experimental visuals to a backdrop of pinks and blues that will float you away to another place where the shamans dance. “On A Wave” is the first of many releases this year from Sunday with a full EP set to be released later in the year and more shows nationally and internationally