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Metal, Rock

Sounds like

As We Draw, SUMAC, Amenra, Neurosis, Rosetta, Fall Of Efrafa

band members

Troy Power Adam Turcato Scott Curtis Dan Neumann


Converge, The Carrier, Neurosis, As We Draw, Cult Of Luna, Birds In Row, Amenra

Unearthed artists we like

Jack The Stripper, Apart From This, Colossvs



Melbourne's post-rock inspired four-piece SUNDR, inflict a blend of dark groove and visceral, intensely melancholic sounds, laden with brutal, quickfire vocals. Hailed as “Gloom Lords” by their peers, SUNDR's live set drags the audience through a brooding landscape; building from minimal, atmospheric sounds into a devastating and emotionally gripping breed of post-metal, laced with elements of hardcore, doom and stoner.

Since hitting the live circuit, SUNDR have shared the stage with international acts such as Rolo Tomassi (UK) and Hexis (Denmark). Their debut release “LOSS”, a two-track EP released in December 2015, was the foundation for the band to secure a foothold in the Australian heavy music scene.

SUNDR's sophomore release, "The Canvas Sea" has just released as a 12" LP. CD and digital download via

Life Is Noise:

"The Canvas Sea is an album steeped in an all-enveloping darkness.

It presents both lyrics and music pieced together from the band’s collective experiences, feelings and observations – the product dark times and darker thoughts. “I honestly felt like a new person when I finished my tracking, like every negative emotion I had was transferred into the songs,” vocalist Scott Curtis recalls of the recording process.

The album, recorded at The Black Lodge in Brunswick, Melbourne and engineered by Mike Deslandes, went through a process that ensured the final product captured a fluidity and a jam-like improvisational structure that’s become crucial to the music itself. The title track The Canvas Sea was nominated to represent the album as it’s a perfect example of the writing process. Created off the back of time constraints, the band used both their improvisational and technical experience to work with a pre-existing blueprint of their design to create a striking balance between fierce and forlorn – fusing brooding ambience with heavy instrumentals to devastating effect.

The Canvas Sea has its own spirit, something that transcends the music. Anyone who’s witnessed Sundr’s gripping and evocative live shows can attest to the fact. There’s a conscious effort to create a larger picture through use of art, eerie stage presence and a culpable passion that needs to be seen, heard and felt to be truly understood.

The end result is seven tracks of music, each song hypnotic, drowning and loud - a rare form of composition that leaves your neck hairs standing on end. A must have record for anyone who loves their music lengthy, dark and capable of balancing between heavy riffs and soaring ambience."