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Hip Hop

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Steven S (Sunsaran)


Tupac Amaru Shakur, hip hop, Lauryn Hill


Through music do we encounter emotions that sometimes are untouched or unfelt. I want to give everything I can to the music, in belief that my struggles and successes will help the next person strive and succeed. I serve the greater good through my music! This is my belief, my hope, my fight, and my promise is to keep my musics substance of truth and positivity. Journey with me, journey without but always journey safe. Peace and Love - Sunsaran Sunsaran’s work embodies the social and emotional constraints of the modern world. For over five years he has experimented on a musical formula derived from all progressions, which he now has a decisively firm grip upon. His self-described ‘moralistic journey through sound-waves,’ is catching on, and catching on quickly. Hard to pigeon-hole, Sunsaran’s catchy choruses and in-depth lyrical consideration of the human condition, means he has already has the opportunity to collaborate with Sinima Productions, California USA, All-Rounda Productions, Cologne Germany, and MCs from around Australia and the world. Sunsaran has performed regularly throughout Melbourne and Geelong, particular highlights including the Samoan Tsunami Appeal Charity Gig and a support spot for Fatty Phew. Sun also collaborates with Geelong MC, DEF, to form the duo Def’N’Ess. Sunsaran’s debut EP 'Reflections' is set to be released early 2014