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Terry Marshall-Lead vocals, guitar. Jeffrey Zimran -Vocals, guitar Joseph Zimran-Keys, bass Kieren Jakamara-Drums Gregory Marshall-Drums



Sunshine reggae band (SRB) hails from Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff) approximately 250km west of Alice Springs. SRB write songs in a number of languages, the main two are Luritja and English.The Band formed in 2002 and regularly plays in surrounding Alice Springs and various community concerts. SRB recorded their debut album 'Watjilarrinyi (Home sick) with CAAMA MUSIC in 2004.Some highlights of 2010 will include appearances at the Australian World Music Expo(Melbourne), “The Green Festival” and “The Dreaming Festival” (QLD). SRB continually participate in the wider central desert communities as Music Industry Rangers/Trainers working alongside CAAMA MUSIC in Alice Springs. SRB co hosted the "Roots Nation" reggae workshop with Jamaican reggae legends Luciano, Mikey General and Jack Scorpio in May of 2009.The 3 songs uploaded on to the Triple J page were all recorded specifically for the Unearthed competition. The recordings took place in IKUNTJI around midnight on the 27th of February 2010, in a hot and stuffy metal shed using an 8 channel recording set up. These 3 songs are sung in Luritja (The local language or Ikuntji) Please enjoy and leave a comment.. Palya!